Our Work from Home Pivot

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Navigating Success During the Pandemic

As the COVID 19 pandemic has more than taken root in our country, our leadership team here has found ways to successfully pivot, including the ability to work from home as needed by our family of employees. Overall, we have successfully navigated culture and effectiveness and continue to thrive.

Enhancing Productivity and Collaboration from Home

Our employees enjoy the same benefits of working from home that apply across all industries, including eliminating commute times, reduced driving times between meetings and appointments, as well as added freedom to adjust the work-life balance. On top of this, working from home has led to more efficient collaboration with many of our partners.

Expanding Horizons

Working from home also affords our leadership to have a greater reach when looking to expand out the talent base. Newer generations are looking for careers that can offer that work-life balance, and the ability to save time and money. This is a quality our leadership team is aware of and is always looking to add the right people.

Balancing Remote Work with Company Culture and Values

In successfully navigating the work from home pivot, our leadership team has been able to employ a clear process for managing the workforce. This required accountability and trust with workstations, virtual meeting and live cameras. This cross-department collaboration can be difficult and some of the roles cannot be performed remotely. This also creates challenges to managing culture which is so important – socialization is much easier in an office atmosphere. Culture is a key proposition for our company. It is important to us that our employees feel safe, they are part of our family.

Adapting for Excellence

We have learned how to manage remote work and have also managed to create innovative ways to ensure the safety of our teams and clients, as well as pivot to how we go to market and protect the environment and provide “Peace of Mind”. We are focused on safety, quality, and value of our team.

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