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Technology’s Role in Navigating 2020’s Challenges

The year 2020 will be a year we will never forget, although some might want to. One thing we could all agree on is how amazing technology is to have this great tool literally in the palm of our hands. It already had many significant things to offer before and was a starting point to help everyone address the impending pandemic. Once it was clear that COVID 19 was here to stay and growing, technology became all the more important and helped our industry innovate, pivot and stay connected.

Adapting to New Industry Realities Amidst COVID-19

Our industry faced closures and fragmented decisions at various levels. Supply chain disruptions and manufacturing shutdowns added to the challenges that contractors, sub-contractors, and industry service companies already were facing. The way everyone could effectively work also changed dramatically. New safety protocols were required. Now as our workforce is past the point of shock and is incorporating COVID-19 into daily life (masks, stickers, 6’ spacing…) adaption will begin to, and must, include permanent solutions for our world. Technology helps us all stay together, and apart.

Prioritizing Environmental Quality

However, while technology can assist with making informed decisions and actions, we must look at what is really taking place – we are now focused more than ever on the quality of our environment and providing people with confidence and “Peace of Mind”. As buildings and places we inhabit are built better and more tightly constrain air movement, the quality of the environment and the air has become very important and will continue to gain attention.

Environmental Stewardship and Cost Savings for Safe Homes

This equation is focused on two very different and separate sides. On one side it is about using less energy, and conserving resources that are used to make one’s home more efficient and better for the environment – stewardship! On the other side, it is about reducing the costs to keep our family’s safe and personal environment temperate – saving dollars! Addressing air quality and the environment is both good for our stewardship of the planet and helps provide valuable savings for us as consumers.

There are many ways to work toward this and achieve goals of helping the environment and saving money – this is our top of mind for our community! We care about your peace of mind and your family’s health, that’s what makes us family.

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