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Gutter Services in Baker City, Oregon

Gutters aren’t given much thought until it rains, or the winter snow begins to melt. Whether it’s watching water gush over the eaves of your home pounding the soil below or witnessing the buildup of ice dams on your roof that weigh down your gutters, that’s when many homeowners realize the importance gutters play in maintaining and protecting their home.

The Importance of Gutters

Gutters are crucial for your Baker City home, directing rainwater away from the foundation, preventing damage, and safeguarding against mold and mildew. They come in types like aluminum, steel, vinyl, and copper. Aluminum, the most popular choice, is affordable, durable, rust-resistant, and easy to paint. Our team at Specialty Group installs reliable 5” continuous aluminum gutters in various colors, ideal for your home in Baker City.

Gutter installer installing gutters on house

Maintaining Your Gutters Is Key

Installing a quality gutter system is an important step in protecting your home from water damage, but professional maintenance is the key to long-term success. During the year, wind, rain and dry weather can cause leaves, twigs and other debris to fall into your gutters, clogging them and preventing water from flowing through them freely. Snowy Oregon winters can also be especially hard on your rain gutters. Snow and ice can build up and create ice dams that can weigh heavily on gutters, clogging them.

Attempting to unclog your gutters yourself, especially in the winter, can be unsafe and often causes damage to your gutters and your roof. That’s why we offer expert gutter cleaning and maintenance services for our Baker City community. We take care of the stress of keeping your gutters free of debris and flowing freely.

Maintain Quality Gutters for Years to Come with Specialty Group

A quality gutter system is a vital way to maintain the value, integrity and beauty of your home and property. Whether your Baker City home or structure needs a new gutter system or you’ve noticed signs of damage or clogging, we are here to meet your needs. Our Baker City location offers only the best installation, removal and cleaning/maintenance gutter services for our community. We strive to help our community thrive through every season with outstanding gutter services.

Know When It’s Time to Call a Professional

Sometimes, even with regular maintenance, gutters can become damaged or develop leaks over time. When this happens, we’re here to evaluate any damage and provide expert repair service. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it’s time to give us a call.

Cracks in your gutters and downspouts

Gutters that are separating from the house

Gutters that are sagging or bowing

Gutters that are leaking

Water damage to your roof, walls, foundation or property

Peeling paint around your gutters or downspouts

Rotting fascia and soffit

We have the tools and knowledge needed to properly assess your gutter system and its functionality and are prepared to thoroughly examine your gutters and go over any questions you may have.

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