Specialty Group Team

Adam Gillam

Specialty Group Equipment and Facilities Manager

Adam is a Spokane native that has lived and worked in several locations on the west coast including California, Arizona and Nevada. He has been with Specialty since 2016. Adam brings 28 years of experience in many different phases of the construction process including carpentry, electrical, paint and heavy equipment operations. Adam is a key part of the team at Specialty. He lives in Deer Park and has been married for 28 years.

Adam Skelton

Specialty Group Vice President

Born and raised in Maui, Adam’s experience in the environmental area began in 2018. He is certified for lead testing and abatement as well as radon testing and mitigation. He enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering to coach various sports teams. Adam lives in Cheney with his wife, baby girl, and two dogs.

Bob Durrant

Specialty Insulation Senior Residential Estimator

Bob has been with Specialty over 18 years and has over 23 years of experience. Bob attended college in El Paso and Spokane, and he studied fire science and accounting. Bob is a veteran and served his country in the U.S. Army as a fire fighter and was also part of the Patriot Missile operations. He is also a cancer survivor.

Cole Speer

Specialty Environmental AHERA Surveyor

Cole started working with Specialty on the insulation side but has transferred to the environmental side—where he is certified in asbestos and lead abatement as well as being a project manager. He and his wife live in Colbert and have been married for 25+ years. Together they have raised four children. 

Daniel Vazquez

Specialty Environmental AeroSeal/AeroBarrier Sales Associate

Daniel has been with Specialty Group since 2022. Daniel started his role in sales and has worked his way toward becoming a supervisor. Daniel believes in working hard, making sure our customers are fully satisfied and understanding the process in our work. In his free time, Daniel loves to be outdoors including doing BMX with his kids.

Dave Hart

Specialty Insulation General Manager

Dave Hart has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry with a vast and broad knowledge of insulation. He also has experience managing all types of projects.

Jacob Skelton

Specialty Group Vice President

Jacob brings 10+ years of experience in operational, general management, customer service and sales. Born on Maui, Jacob lived in California and Texas, and currently resides in Post Falls with his wife, son and dog. Jacob loves spending his free time being active and cooking.

Jake Allbright

Specialty Group Business Manager

Jake Allbright has the unique opportunity to support all businesses within our Specialty Group. His focus is on revenue growth and operations management while working to incorporate standardization of systems and processes to improve the experience for our customers and employees alike. Much of Jake’s past experience comes from serving in the U.S. Army where he led teams and operations locally and abroad. Jake’s free time consists of spending time outdoors with his young family.

Jason Almli

Specialty Insulation Scheduler

Jason is a big part of the Specialty team as he diligently coordinates the daily commercial and residential insulation jobs. Jason strives to excel in customer satisfaction and communication. In Jason’s free time he likes to listen to music and play sports.

Jessica Spivey

General Manager for Specialty Insulation in Baker City, OR

Jessica was born and raised in eastern Oregon. Jessica worked in customer service and employment services for 7+ years. Jessica’s passions include learning new skills and working in her community to help with the need of housing and employment. Jessica absolutely loves to travel with her family and enjoys outdoor activities that include the mountains or the beach.

Jim Guinn

Specialty Environmental Senior Project Manager

Jim has 20+ years of experience in the construction field and has vast knowledge of a range of environmental projects. With 32 years of service in the industry, Jim is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of environmental services. He enjoys helping customers maintain quality and safety in their surrounding environment.

John Graves

Specialty Environmental Senior Surveyor

A military veteran with 18 years of service in the Air Force and Army in Airborne Intelligence, John brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. He is a Lead Risk Assessor, CIE, CIEC, AHERA Inspector and AHERA project designer. John is also certified by NRPP as a Residential Mitigation Provider and a Residential Measurement Provider for Radon. John has been with Specialty for 21 years. John lives in Spokane and likes to get out and enjoy riding his motorcycle in his spare time.

Jordan Richardson

Specialty Insulation Sales Associate/Estimator

Growing up in Spokane, Jordan has 7+ years of customer service experience on top of his experience in insulation and HVAC. Jordan has been with Specialty since June of 2020; he started in an installation role before moving into the office. He enjoys spending his free time playing golf on the weekends.

Keith Preston

Specialty Environmental AHERA Surveyor

Keith Preston has worked in the industry since 1998. Keith joined the Specialty Group team in 1999. Keith started his role as a site supervisor in 2000 and held that position for 23 years. Most recently, Keith became an AHERA Certified Building Inspector. Keith’s current responsibilities, among others, are to perform good faith asbestos surveys and create comprehensive reports that meet state-of-the-art industry practices. In his free time Keith enjoys boating, RC ground vehicle operation and flying FPV drones.

Kim Sobota

Specialty Group Contracts Administrator

Kim Sobota has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. She loves what she does and is just as enthusiastic about the industry today as she was when she started. There is something about being a part of a project that brings the satisfaction of a job well done. She provides administrative support throughout the project. From detailed qualification/pre-qualification proposals, subcontracts submittals to job closeout there isn’t a task that she cannot tackle. She is also a member of our Safety Committee. Her vast construction-related knowledge and experience is an asset to the Safety Committee. In her free time Kim likes to garden, read and drink wine with the girls.

Kyle Lorang

Kyle Lorang

Specialty Environmental General Manager

Kyle has 20+ years of experience in the construction industry. His background includes not only a broad knowledge of environmental issues, but also extensive experience in working with people to provide estimates and successful solutions in a variety of situations. Kyle is a certified AHERA Building Inspector and Lead Inspector. His other certifications include Lead RRP, WRT/ASD and CIE.

Kylee Skelton

Specialty Group Marketing

Kylee earned her degree in marketing, public relations and communications from the University of North Texas. She has 5+ years of sales and marketing experience in the building products industry. With experience in social media, website development and new product launches, Kylee joined Specialty in January 2022. Her interests include family—especially the newest addition to the family, George, and outdoor activities.

Manuel Escobar

Specialty Environmental AHERA Surveyor

Manuel brings 20 years of experience and knowledge to our business. He is certified in asbestos testing and abatement, lead testing and abatement, and lead paint testing and abatement. Manuel lives in Spokane. In his spare time he enjoys coaching youth wrestling. Manuel and his wife have been married for 27 years and have four sons.

Mark Williams

Specialty Environmental Senior Commercial Abatement/Demolition Estimator

Mark has 29+ years of experience in the construction field and knowledge of a range of environmental and demolition projects. Mark is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of environmental and demolition services. He enjoys helping customers make their projects safe and profitable.

Patti Skelton

Specialty Group Chief Culture Officer

Patti graduated from Lewis-Clark State with a degree in Elementary Education and received a Secondary English Certification from Hawaii. Patti has over 35 years of experience teaching special motivation classes, middle school and high school English as well as fifth grade students. Patti brings invaluable culture to the team through her experiences as a teacher. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Ray Skelton

Specialty Group President

Ray Skelton has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, managing a wide variety of projects including highway construction, golf courses, infrastructure development, water and sewer systems, and resort development. He also has a broad knowledge of fast track and design build projects.

Sarah Keough

Specialty Group Financial Manager

Sara has been with Specialty Group in an accounting role since 2018. Sara’s professional achievements in this role include streamlining payroll processes, improving accounting efficiencies and assisting in building an incredible team. Sara is passionate about her family and her job. Sara loves having the flexibility to excel both professionally and at home; she feels like superwoman. Sara loves where she lives and spends most of her weekends hiking and biking with her family.