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Do you know how well your home is insulated? Do you know where you’re losing money and energy? We’ll help you figure that out! At Specialty Insulation, we know what to look for and how much insulation is needed for summers and winters. Our experienced team is also familiar with local tax credits and refunds. We are here to support you at every step.

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Our Mission

To provide a world-class experience through a step-by-step process from the beginning of the project to the end.

Our Vision

To be the contractor of choice to our employees and the clients where we work and live.

We look out for our customers like family. We’re all in it together here in the Inland Northwest.

Insulation Services

At Specialty, we’ve been committed to serving our region for over 40 years. We have decades of experience helping customers save money and use less energy. Our installers have an average of 15 years of experience. We know what to check in your home, how much insulation is enough, and how to help you leverage tax credits and rebates.

Learn more about the benefits of adding insulation and air sealing to your home.

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Why insulate with specialty group?

Learn why insulation is so important in every home or building and all about the benefits of adding insulation and air sealing to your home.

Avoid Overspending

Are you losing money each month with inadequate insulation? Learn how to save money each year with the right insulation.

Get a return on your investment

Correct insulation can return more on investment than any other fix you’ll do for your home. Invest now and save for years to come.

Steward our planet

We all share one planet. We will help you be a good steward by reducing your energy consumption.

Schedule a free assessment

We evaluate your current insulation, as well as the amount you’re paying to heat and cool your home.

develop a customized plan

We provide a plan to make sure you’re saving money, using less energy and keeping your family protected from our dynamic weather.

Installation and beyond

From installation to ensuring you get every tax credit, we’ve got you covered.

Thermal Inspection Pricing

Thermal Inspection


Thermal imaging to identify areas of energy loss or potential water intrusion

Thermal Imaging

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