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A blower door test will identify all air leaks and give you peace of mind that your home is operating efficiently. We’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions about our blower door testing services.

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blower testing facts

what is blower testing?

A blower door test is the lowering of air pressure inside the house by pulling air out to determine the infiltration rate of a building.

A powerful fan of variable speeds is placed in the frame of an exterior door surrounded by flexible panels to fit including both a pressure gauge to measure the difference between the pressure inside to the pressure outside and an airflow manometer with a hose to measure airflow.

when should i get blower door testing?

Consider scheduling a test if you are thinking of buying a home, building a new home or noticing a draft in your home.

why is blower testing important?

A blower door test will determine the current air leakage in the home. When used in conjunction with an IR camera or smoke pencil it can help identify small cracks and openings in the home’s shell that need to be sealed to lower the cost of energy bills.

what should i expect during a blower door test?

Available across Tri-Cities, Liberty Lake, Pullman, Coeur ‘d Alene, Post Falls, Washington, and Idaho. Reach out for an estimate today!


Our experts need total access to your home. This includes closets, built-in cabinets, attics, crawl spaces and other unused rooms.


Our experts will be setting controls on all atmospheric fossil fuel appliances; this ensures they do not fire during the test and will be returned to their original position after the test.


The test will take up to an hour or more.

Blower Door Testing Pricing

blower door with thermal imaging


  • Pinpoints areas of concern by using the technology of the blower door and thermal imaging
  • Saves money on troubleshooting leaks

Blower Door Residential


  • Negative Pressure test to determine envelope air leakage
  • Identifies areas with elevated leakage
  • Saves money on heating and cooling
  • Guides you to the most cost effective upgrades/repairs

*Prices subject to change

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