It’s Earth Month!

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We’re celebrating Earth Month the way we know best: with trees!

Trees do so much for us: they sequester carbon, filter and absorb air pollutants, provide wildlife habitat, and much more. Forests are essential pillars of terrestrial life, connecting countless communities across the globe. But deforestation has taken a toll over the past few decades, primarily for commercial harvesting, development, and now increasingly due to the impacts of climate change.

Global forest cover fell below four billion hectares in 2015 for the first time in human history. This loss of forests affects everything from wildlife and ecosystems to weather patterns and the water cycle. Forests, which cover 30% of Earth’s surface, are critically important to just about every aspect of nature, wildlife, and even people. More than 80% of terrestrial biodiversity lives in forests!

Plant a Tree for earth month

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make a positive impact for the planet. Our favorite? Plant more trees! Reforestation can restore damaged ecosystems, stabilize soil, support the water cycle, and slowly recover nature for many years to come. Planting trees supports all 17 of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. When you plant a tree for Earth Month, you’re making an impact for good that will last a lifetime.

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