World Health Day

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World Health Day’s Mission for Global Well-being

World Health Day marks the founding of the World Health Organization, beginning with the First Health Assembly in 1948 and taking effect in 1950. Every year, World Health Day is centered around a different theme that is currently a high priority to the World Heath Organization. This year, the theme is: Building a Fairer, Healthier World for Everyone. The WHO notes that many countries, specifically in the Western Pacific, have made remarkable health gains over the last decade. However, COVID-19 has pushed those gains back, and left many people in poverty. The WHOs goal with this theme is to bring high standards of health to all places in the world and remove much of the health inequality seen from one country to another.

Securing Health for All

In order to help prevent the spread of diseases and other illnesses like COVID-19, the WHO has asked leaders in countries to help prioritize the safety of some of their poorest communities. Making sure that homes have proper insulation, clean water, and can be protected from harsh climate conditions.

Prioritizing Clean Air and Safe Living Spaces

While here in the United States, we are generally blessed with better living conditions, you still need to consider some of the things in your home that may lead to illness. Mold exposure can irritate eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs, not something that you want to be dealing with in combination with COVID. Keeping our lungs as healthy as possible during this pandemic is extremely important. Consider radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon testing and mitigation is one way that you can help protect yourself and your health.

Supporting COVID Relief in the Asia Pacific Region

There are a few ways that you can help with the growing health issues in relation to COVID-19 and poor living conditions, especially in the Asia Pacific region. One would be to visit the WHO website and read about some of the efforts that are going on for this year’s World Health Day. There are also a number of organizations that are dedicated to helping those affected by COVID in Asia. For example, Save the Children has specifically targeted COVID related health issues and set up a way for anyone to donate to the cause.

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